Damage Season 1 Release Date: is It Streaming on Netflix?

Here is everything you need to know about Damage Season 1!


You would think that everyone successful has their life planned out, but as the new Netflix series will show, this isn’t always the case. After making its way back to theatres in 1992, Damage will now be developed into a series.

The three-hour limited series that Netflix is making from the original film will be directed by Lisa Barros and Glenn Leyburn. The new episode has been described as “an erotic thriller focused on passion and desire,” and we already know it will be a banger. The new television series, which was developed by Morgan Lloyd and Benji Walters, focuses on the lives of two people who are happy with the way things are right now.

Release Date of Damage Season 1

Netflix has not yet announced a release date for the Damages series. The series will likely premiere in 2022 because filming on it started in March. The love triangle between Anna and William will be the main topic of each of the three one-hour episodes of the show. Mark 2023 as the publication date on your calendars.

Cast of Damage Season 1

Charlie Murphy, best known for his role as Jesses Eden in the Peaky Blinders series, will play the woman who gets engaged to his fiancée’s father. Anna Barton is who she is. William, the fiancé’s father, will be portrayed by Richard Armitage, who appeared in the Hannibal trilogy. The two will play the lead parts because the show will mostly center on their love triangle. Rish Shah, Pippa Bennett Warner, and Indira Varma (For life), who is most known for playing Ellaria San in Game of Thrones, complete the cast. Shah made an appearance in the television series Emmerdale, and Bennet-Warner played Shannon Duane in Gangs of London, for which she is well known.

Damage Season 1 Release Date

Plot of Damage Season 1

The Damage series’ main themes are a love triangle, obsession, and betrayal. The main character of the show is Anna, a married woman who decides to sleep with her husband’s in-laws. It is not a dreary affair because the two are in love and can’t seem to stay apart. Anna must find a balance between loving both of them and keeping her husband in the dark about his relationship with her father-in-law.

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William is a wealthy man who has never lacked anything, including cash, professional success, or kids. Since his life is not as perfect as he would like it to be, he commits one of his biggest mistakes in life.

Trailer of Damage Season 1

We do not yet know how long we will have to wait for the Damage series trailer to arrive. We don’t know when a teaser will be released or when production will be concluded because Netflix hasn’t provided us with any information on the show’s progress since it began filming in March of this year. 2024 is the best year to search for a Damages program teaser or trailer.

Damage Season 1 Release Date


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