Chupa Movie Ending Explained in Detail!


Chupa is about a little child named Alex and his unexpected bond with a chupacabra, and it has a moving message about the family at its core. After his father dies of cancer, Alex travels to Mexico to see his grandfather Chava and his cousins Memo and Luna.

He interacts with a chupacabra there, and the experience alters his course in life. The fabled cryptid known as a chupacabra is common in Latin American culture. It has been likened to a vampire and was first allegedly sighted in Puerto Rico.

Chupar, which means “to suck,” and cabra, which means “goat” in Spanish, are how the cryptid got its name because it was observed sucking goats’ blood.

Given that most farmers think chupacabras are harmful, this poses a significant challenge for them. But the movie doesn’t depict the creature in this way.

Richard Quinn, a scientist, is searching for the animal because he thinks he can harness its healing abilities to revolutionize medicine.

Chupa and Alex have grown close, and Alex will stop at nothing—with the support of his family—to keep Chupa safe and facilitate his reunion with his own family.

Near the film’s conclusion, Chupa makes some of his most salient points, which help Alex, like Chupa, connect with his own family.

Why Do Alex & His Family Run Away With Chupa?

Throughout the movie, Alex develops a close friendship with Chupa. Despite media reports that the animal is extremely deadly, Alex recognizes Chupa’s goodness and would stop at nothing to keep him safe. Quinn is determined to get Chupa for himself, but he doesn’t realize how committed Alex is to keeping the animal safe.

Chupa Movie Ending Explained

Quinn attempts to kidnap Chupa in Chava’s house, but Chava defeats him with his wrestling prowess before getting Chupa, Alex, Memo, and Luna into the car and fleeing, hoping to track down Chupa’s family so they may be reunited.

Why Does Chupa Come Back When Alex Releases Him?

Chupa hears his family howling as Alex and his family hide up on a mountain after eluding Quinn. Despite how much Alex loves Chupa, he decides to let him go.

Alex, though, encounters a mountain lion not long after that. Without Chupa to defend him, he is exposed to a very dangerous circumstance. Fortunately, Chava is still in wrestling mode and successfully repels the lion using his prowess.

Even though the animal has already left the area, Alex is still in danger as he attempts to descend a pipe he climbed upon to escape the lion.

When it appears as if he may go down the cliff, Chupa returns to save him. At first, it seems as though Chupa and Alex will both fall to their deaths, but just as they are about to strike the ground, Chupa uses his flying skills, which he learned from Memo, to soar back to the top of the mountain while still hanging onto Alex.

How Does Chupa Break Free from Quinn?

Quinn catches up to them and captures Chupa after Alex and his family have shown their gratitude to the animal. Chava persuades Alex to release the animal because they have already taken all reasonable precautions to keep him safe from the scientist.

The important lesson about family members defending one another out of love truly comes through at this point.

Chupa Movie Ending Explained
Chupa’s biological family returns to save him as Quinn is leaving with him in a cage next to him. Quinn’s automobile is surrounded by them, making it hard for him to continue driving.

With Chupa in his arms, Quinn exits his car and makes an effort to fend off his family. However, Chava uses his wrestling prowess once more to assist in fending off Quinn, allowing Chupa to escape.

What Is The Significance Of Wrestling In The Chupa Movie?

Chupa places a lot of emphasis on wrestling, especially toward the conclusion. Chava, a former lucha libre champion, frequently uses his wrestling identity despite no longer being a wrestler since he is struggling with Alzheimer’s.

In one scene, Alex watches wrestling with his grandfather on the couch while he gives Alex his father’s mask and tells Alex that his father was also a wrestler.

Alex is subsequently persuaded by Chava to grapple with him to deal with his father’s death-related anguish.

When Alex turns to video games to avoid talking about his father’s passing, Chava sees and thinks that by connecting with his father through wrestling, Alex will be helped.

Spanish culture also values wrestling highly, and when Chava assumes his wrestling character, he experiences a sense of invincibility that aids in multiple successful liberations of Chupa towards the end of the movie.

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What Alex’s Plane Ride Home Means in The Chupa Ending

Alex departs his grandfather’s home after the movie and takes a flight back to his native country. Alex rushes back off to say farewell to his grandfather once more before the plane sets off.

At the beginning of Chupa, Alex was afraid to stay with Chava, but this scene shows that he has come to appreciate his family and is thankful for the time he spent with his grandfather.

He treasures their time together even more because he doesn’t know how much longer he will be able to spend with his grandfather due to Alzheimer’s.

Chupa Movie Ending Explained

As the aircraft takes off, Alex plays the music Luna gave him, demonstrating how close to her he has become and how he can still feel a connection to her even if she is far away. His father receives the same message.

Indicating that he is prepared to face his sadness but still feels linked to his father even though he is no longer physically present, he pulls out his father’s wrestling mask on the plane.

In the climactic moment, Chupa is seen flying alongside the aircraft and telling Alex that, just as he promised Chupa, they will always be together, despite their physical separation.

The Real Meaning of The Chupa Movie Ending

On the surface, Chupa’s finale appears to be a tale of good triumphing over evil, with Alex and his family assisting Chupa in escaping the self-centered scientist so that he can rejoin his family.

The value and power of family are genuinely explored in the conclusion through Alex and Chupa’s relationships with their own families and with one another.

Because Chupa is living apart from his family and Alex recently lost his father, the two can relate to one another.

At the beginning of Chupa, Alex doesn’t want to go visit his grandfather and cousins, but his encounter with them and the chupacabra alters his outlook, making family his priority, even if his relatives are far away.

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