All Family Guy Characters Ranked From Best to Worst: Who Will Be the Best?

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“Family Guy’s” popularity, which began in 1999, is all the more remarkable. “Family Guy,” a Fox production created by Seth MacFarlane and David Zuckerman, was at first mistaken for a “Simpsons” knockoff. Instead, “Family Guy” succeeded in creating its own identity through a savage, no-holds-barred adult humor that rendered “The Simpsons” as a children’s program.

Family Guy” has developed a complex ensemble of endearing characters over the course of its years of being cancelled and then reinstated to air following fervent fan petitions not once, but twice. While some of these characters only appear briefly as side jokes, others usually take a major stage in the narratives. Let’s look at some “Family Guy” characters and rank them from worst to greatest to see who deserves the most credit for the show’s longevity.

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The television industry is currently undergoing a tectonic shift. The way that polarising shows can nevertheless be successful has taken on a new dimension thanks to fervent and outspoken online fandoms. It wasn’t always this way, though. Ten to twenty years ago, a show that did not instantly appeal to a sizable portion of its prospective audience, and perhaps even alienated some viewers, probably did not have a promising future.

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Here is the list of some of the Family Guy Characters Ranked From Best to Worst

1. Stewie

Even if you’ve never watched “Family Guy,” there’s a good chance you’ve come across a picture or video of Stewie Griffin, Peter’s youngest child, online at some point. In a show with many unique characters, Stewie stands out as a fan favorite and is a major contributor to the longevity of the program.

As a young genius, Stewie is fixated on killing his mother and taking over the entire world. Stewie, who has an odd, fake-British accent, is in charge of some of the show’s funniest outbursts. He is also a live deus ex machina, able to construct any device needed by the story, from deadly military equipment to time-travel equipment.

All Family Guy Characters Ranked From Best To Worst

Stewie’s murderous tendencies faded into the background as his fame increased, and he evolved into a more sympathetic and even heroic figure. These days, Stewie’s exploits go beyond only planning the extinction of humanity. In many respects, the emotional core of the entire episode revolves around his relationship with Brian and the rest of his family. Stewie was selected by Entertainment Weekly as one of the “Family Guy” characters to appear on its list of the “100 Greatest Characters of the Past 20 Years,” so it should come as no surprise that he is at the top of our list as well.

2. Peter

According to Peter Griffin, who tries to be more filthy, foolish, and sluggish in every manner than Homer Simpson, there are moments when he is compared to the latter. Peter, though, has developed into his own personality over time. Not necessarily a better character than Homer, but nevertheless a significant player in the history of adult cartoons.

Peter, the main character of “Family Guy,” is in charge of most of the mayhem that occurs throughout the course of the series’ several seasons. Peter belittles Chris, ignores Stewie, cheats on Lois, torments Meg to the point of an emotional collapse, and treats his buddies like nothing. Peter also engages in more serious crimes against society and never wants to take responsibility for his actions or make amends.

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Peter is an intriguing protagonist despite his many, many flaws, maybe because of the vivid satirical portrayal of reality that his foolish escapades and unstable temperament provide. Every episode of Peter dealing with social issues, and Peter’s actions throughout his escapades are a black parody of how real men and women cope with the same issues in real life. Like Homer before him, Peter’s ultimate significance resides less in what he actually achieves than in what he stands for as the satirical personification of the contemporary common man.

All Family Guy Characters Ranked From Best To Worst

3. Glenn Quagmire

The third and most intriguing member of Peter’s close group of buddies is Quagmire. Quagmire appears to have improved somewhat over time, unlike other characters in long-running sitcoms who frequently go worse. He would do anything to get into a woman’s pants, with or without her agreement, when “Family Guy” first began, which was troublesome, to say the least.

Things became so bad that, according to The Huffington Post, showrunner Rich Appel announced at a San Diego Comic-Con panel that the character’s prior predatory behaviour would be addressed directly on the program. The focus of Quagmire’s personal life has recently switched away from his nearly uncontrollable libido and towards other issues, such as his connection with his transsexual father and his ongoing conflict with Brian.

Quagmire, who initially appeared as a complete sleazeball and a pervert, has grown into one of the show’s (relatively speaking) most rational characters and frequently acts as the voice of reason whenever Peter attempts to hatch another illogical plan. Even though there is now much more to the character than just being eternally horny and saying “Giggity!” bits and pieces of the old Quagmire still appear now and again.

All Family Guy Characters Ranked From Best To Worst

4. Lois

Lois is the matriarch of the Griffin family and is the mother of Chris, Meg, and Stewie. She is also, for the most part, Peter’s better half. On occasion. Occasionally. In actuality, Lois and Peter frequently vie for the title of “worst parent.” At times, she can be observed purposefully causing her loved ones’ lives to become more difficult or catching up with her burgeoning alcoholism.

Originally from a very wealthy family, Lois had to give everything up in order to marry Peter and begin their life together. Despite the fact that Lois and Peter are frequently depicted as being in love, there is still a lot of hostility between them as a result of their earlier conflicts. Despite her best efforts to provide for her three children, Lois has occasionally acknowledged that parenting is not a particularly essential aspect of her life.

All Family Guy Characters Ranked From Best To Worst

Throughout the years, Lois has grown more and more resentful of her family’s condition while simultaneously claiming any blame for the constant state of disorder that seems to dwell in the Griffin home. Even though Lois is far from ideal, she is one of the show’s most interesting characters and has more personality than most cartoon wives have.

5. Tom Tucker

Based on their standing in Quahog, several minor characters on “Family Guy” receive a lot more screen time than the others. One such person is Tom Tucker. Being the prominent newsman in the community, Tucker usually makes an appearance to update the main characters and viewers on the most recent events in Quahog that are relevant to the episode’s primary plot.

Tucker gets some of the best lines and reactions on the show as the anchor for Quahog 5 News. He is a pretentious, arrogant pseudo-celebrity who enjoys being the focus of attention for all the wrong reasons, making him a hilarious character in his own right. To maintain his public image, he likewise hides his sordid personal life.

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Over time, Tucker has progressed from being a sporadic supporting character to occasionally having a substantial episode-long storyline. For instance, he collaborates with Peter to win his job back after being replaced by a new reporter in the Season 14 episode “The New Adventures of Old Tom.”

All Family Guy Characters Ranked From Best To Worst

6. Brian

Since the beginning of “Family Guy,” the Griffin family has had a pet dog named Brian. Brian, who likes to think of himself as the voice of reason on the program, is an articulate speaker and ostensibly the most mature member of the Griffin family, unlike other cartoon pet characters who are intended to be non-verbal.

Regrettably, Brian’s genuine character is very different from how he sees himself. Brian is quite educated, well-read, and sophisticated at the start of the series. That portrayal evolved to portray Brian as a fake intellectual who is vain, selfish, and poorly read. He still enjoys posing as a genuine academic, though, to feel superior to others.

In addition to his political posturing and bogus moralising, Brian is also startlingly egotistical and uncaring towards the suffering of others. The contemporary Brian is typically held up as an example of a guy who urgently wants everyone to think he’s brilliant, however, he is occasionally shown in a better light. This is in stark contrast to Stewie, who is always by his side and who doesn’t feel the need to brag about how smart he is.

All Family Guy Characters Ranked From Best To Worst


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