Is Aggretsuko Season 5 Coming Out Soon? Latest Updates!

Here is everything you need to know about Aggretsuko Season 5.

Aggretsuko, starring the eccentric red panda Retsuko, will return for a fifth and final season on Netflix in 2023. Fans have been waiting for the last season for nearly two years, wondering where Retsuko will lead us in her final outing. Don’t worry if you’ve somehow missed this hidden gem of a program (or if you just need a recap) because we’ll give you a quick rundown before diving into all we know about the highly anticipated fifth season.

Aggretsuko follows Retsuko, a 25-year-old fresh out of college with a degree in finance who gets work as an accountant at a trading firm. Even with what appears to be her dream career and a promising future, Retsuko soon learns that adulthood is not as easy as she had imagined. Retsuko uses her secret love of death metal to deal with the pressures of office politics, an authoritarian employer, social life, dating, and daily living.

The show follows Retsuko through her ups and downs, allowing viewers to identify with her as she comes of age and learns to define her own goals for the future. That being stated, let’s dive into the fifth season and see what’s in store.

Aggretsuko Season 5 Renewal Status

Yes, the much-anticipated fifth season of the critically acclaimed Netflix comedy anime is here, and it brings with it a slew of exciting new developments.

Netflix has confirmed the premiere date for Season 5 of Aggretsuko and officially announced its renewal for a fifth season.

Aggretsuko Season 5 Release Date 

The release date for the last season is unknown, however, it is expected to occur in February of 2023. Fans are eagerly awaiting the last season, so we’ll be watching for news on Aggretsuko’s fifth season.

Aggretsuko Season 5 Release Date

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Those interested in checking out the anime for the first time or catching up before the fifth and final season premiere can do so on Netflix. As she guides us through the trials of adolescence and into adulthood, we can’t wait to let loose with our favorite metalhead once more.

Aggretsuko Season 5 Plot

Season five will be the last, and by that point, Retsuko (Erica Mendez) will have found her place in the world and be ready to settle down. In season 4, Retsuko and Haida (Ben Diskin) start dating. Having secretly liked Retsuko for a while, Haida musters up the nerve to confess his affection. Despite having a hard patch when Haida gets preoccupied with business matters, the season closes on a positive note with the couple going back to normal. It’s likely that by the end of season five, we’ll have seen more progress in their relationship, and maybe even heard wedding bells.

Aggretsuko Season 5 Release Date

Retsuko became an underground idol in a girl group to pay off her debts, but now she’s going out on her own to teach people how to do the death metal scream. Given the popularity of her videos and side gigs, it is possible that Hyodo (SungWon Cho) would reach out to her about working together, bringing Retsuko back to the OTMgirls. Because she owes him following his assistance in season 4. However, it appears like Retsuko wants nothing more than to lead a normal life, therefore a collab would likely be the end of the chapter for her celebrityhood.

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Retsuko’s political ambitions have been hinted at for the series’ conclusion, with Netflix stating as much. Since she exposed the former CEO’s window dressing, Retsuko could be seeking a manager post at her workplace or running for a position on the board of directors of the corporation. We can’t wait to find out what happens next with Retsuko!

Aggretsuko Season 5 Cast

The image you see above is one of several teaser images for season five of Aggretsuko that Netflix has released. Some of the regular cast members are shown here, while newcomers to the show’s last season are also introduced. We have no idea who these people are or what function they will play until the final season airs.

Aggretsuko Season 5 Release Date

All the regulars from Retsuko’s inner circle, as well as some new faces, will be back for Aggretsuko’s final season alongside the show’s original cast and crew.

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All of her closest pals, including her most recent partner Haida, her best buddy Gori, and her most trusted confidante Sashimi. With her coworkers Fenneko, Kabae, Mr. Ton, Komiya, Tsubone, and Tsunoda. Judging from the preview photographs, we will also witness a return of Retsuko’s former OTMgirls bandmates and their manager.

Aggretsuko Season 5 Trailer 

There has been no official word yet on when we might expect to see the Aggretsuko trailer. The trailer for the previous season is available for your viewing pleasure.

Where to Watch Aggretsuko Season 5

If you want to know where we can watch Aggretsuko season 5. Click Here


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Netflix will air a fifth and final season of Aggretsuko, starring Retsuko. The last season is slated to premiere in 2023. Retsuko navigates maturity in Aggretsuko. Season five may be the last. Netflix published Aggretsuko season five teasers.

Newcomers and regulars are shown here. The Aggretsuko trailer has not been announced.

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