A Famous Publication Has Crowned BTS’ Jungkook the ‘Sexiest Man’ at the Age of 25

Fans of BTS’s youngest member Jungkook now have another reason to celebrate! For the uninitiated, he was rated the sexiest man under the age of 25 on People Magazine’s ‘Sexy at Every Age’ list. The respected magazine has revealed its most recent rating of the sexiest male celebrities aged 18 to 70. The magazine features one celebrity for each age group who, according to its sources, is the hottest in that age group.

Other Famous Celebrities

Aside from Jungkook, other celebrities such as Nick Jonas, Austin Butler, Hayden Christensen, and others have been picked as the hottest men of their respective age groups. For the uninitiated, Jungkook is making his second appearance on the list of “the hottest men,” having already been chosen for the same category in 2020.

Previous New Info

Jungkook, a member of BTS, is currently generating news for a very other reason. This is in reference to the K-pop star’s misplaced hat. Earlier, a netizen noticed someone attempting to sell a cap purportedly worn by the BTS’s youngest member. It sparked outrage among those who were angry at the person responsible for selling the headgear.

Concerning the hat, it was purportedly left by Jungkook at the passport department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs waiting room, where he went to obtain his diplomatic passport. According to HYBE, Jungkook went to the office in September 2021 after losing his headwear.

Someone from the same office obtained the hat and attempted to sell it online for 10 million KRW (70,100 USD). When it comes to accessories, it originally cost around 90,600 KRW (64.50 USD). This has enraged netizens even more because the individual was seeking more profits.

A Famous Publication Has Crowned BTS' Jungkook the 'sexiest Man' at the Age of 25

The Seokcho Police Station eventually took up the case and initiated an investigation. After then, a former employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs handed themselves in.


The prior government claimed to have stated that no one had come to claim the item in more than six months, despite reports to the contrary. According to the official, this drove them to turn it into their property and sell it online, as stated in their sales article.

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They also noted that the hat’s worth had risen because it was personally worn by a global celebrity. However, the examination discovered that no such report was made or sent to the police by the official ministry. The investigation was finished once HYBE confirmed the missing item and the official admitted their error.

According to recent sources, the person who is apprehended may face embezzlement charges. The event also drew heavy condemnation for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, it was later disclosed that the individual was no longer working with them.

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