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Canadian climber dies in fall on Pakistan’s treacherous K2




ISLAMABAD: A Canadian leader of an international mountaineering expedition Serge Dessureault fell to his death in the early hours of Saturday on Pakistan’s K2 mountain, the world’s most difficult climb, Pakistani authorities told the reporters.

Karrar Haidri, secretary of Alpine Club of Pakistan, said Saturday that mountaineer Serge Dessureault died early Saturday while attempting to scale the 8,611-meter mountain in northern Pakistan.

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Haidri said it wasn’t immediately clear how Dessureault fell.

Dessureault was leading the nine-member “K2-Broad Peak” expedition up the mountain, which is extremely steep and attracts notoriously bad weather.

Haidri said Dessureault’s body was brought to the mountain’s advance base camp and would be transported to Islamabad.

Last week, Austrian climber Christian Huber was killed at Ultar Sar Peak when his tent was hit by an avalanche.


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