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“Today is a black day in Pakistan’s history,” Shehbaz rejects Avenfield verdict



Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister of Punjab Province and brother of Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, gestures after appearing before a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) in Islamabad

President Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has rejected the Avenfield verdict merely minutes after it was announced on Friday. Terming the day as a “black day” while addressing a press conference in response to the announcement of the verdict, Shehbaz said the real verdict will be announced on July 25.

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Shahbaz said while adding that Nawaz appeared before the accountability court 109 times. “They were calling him everyday. There was even talk of holding hearings on weekends,”

He also mentioned that other corruption cases, in which corruption has been proven in “black and white” were never completed and their verdicts were never announced.

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“Supreme Court Justice Rehmat Hussain Jaffrey in the Nandipur case said in the commission report that Babar Awan is the one responsible for it and should be acted against — and yet no action was taken against him,” he said while presenting an example of the case.

“No one can deny that Nawaz made Pakistan a nuclear power,”

Shahbaz told the press that it was, in fact, Nawaz Sharif who made Pakistan a nuclear power, while recounting a list of the “many gifts” his brother has given the nation.

“Even our biggest political opponent cannot say that the promises the party made in the 2013 election, have not been delivered upon by Nawaz Sharif,” Shahbaz said.

“Nawaz is a man whose wife is between life and death,”

“Even that was not given any consideration. Is this justice? Is this humanity?” he said while adding that even Kulsoom Nawaz’s illness was given a political colour by his opponents.

Announcing that he would take this case to the people, for the “ultimate verdict,” Shahbaz said, “The NAB court has announced its verdict — but the court of the people remains.”

“I will personally go to all corners of Pakistan and tell the people about this injustice and then on July 25 after saying fajr prayers, the people will cast their votes and give their ultimate verdict,”

Announcing that all future PML-N rallies will be considered a mode of peaceful protest, Shahbaz also said, “In this situation — after today’s verdict — I would like to announce that we will take all legal action possible so that justice may be served.”

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Concluding his address, Shahbaz said that he wishes to remind this “great nation that you are are azeem Pakistanis, don’t be heartbroken by this verdict.”


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