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We, the youth of Pakistan, are a burden on the national exchequer



Youth of Pakistan

Inheritance is the definition of lethargy and thus a curse. It’s a destructive concept that promotes negligence and creates a sense of arrogance in our naturally talented youth

Numerous studies, based on facts and figures, report that Pakistan is an affluent country with gargantuan reserves of significant natural resources. Furthermore, Pakistan’s location is influential, strategically as well as economically, – keeping in mind the CPEC project. Furthermore, the appealing traditions and cultures form another high point for Pakistan’s international recognition as a dominant power, as local fashion styles, dances, languages and cuisine are followed and admired all over the world. Pakistan is a land of alluring beauty, extending from the dreamy great northern white peaks to the smooth coasts of Baluchistan and Sindh. The country is undoubtedly blessed with everything. But then why are we still on the verge of collapse? Why are we pushed around by greater economies and our international image one of the worst in the whole world? No, it’s not because our central power is weak and corrupt, it’s because we, the youth of Pakistan, are lackadaisically apathetic.

Inheritance is the definition of lethargy and thus a curse. It’s the very destructive concept that promotes negligence as well as creates a sense of arrogance in our naturally talented youth. To talk about psychological facts, it’s not their fault that they are unable to even think about working their way up. They are born with a silver spoon in their mouths and pampered throughout their lives; they have no idea of the struggles of a poor man living in a slum house, struggling for every piece of bread and praying to God that rain doesn’t collapse the roof over his sleeping children. They don’t have to worry about rent or bills; they are ecstatically peaceful with what they have and they are aware of the fact that one day or another, they’ll own their father’s empire of gold and silver. Who would, under such circumstances, want to work? No sane soul would throw away such a luxurious life and go to work. And that is the problem with our country. Those who are blessed with opportunities, and can afford the best education, fail to appreciate it and thus add to the already over-burdened country, instead of helping build it up.
We, the youth of Pakistan, are a burden on the national exchequer

We, the youth of Pakistan, are lackadaisically apathetic

Power over people, money controls everything – whether it’s the conservative society we live in or the numerous supremacies that rule our country. We are but ruled by our very absurd wishes of wealth and dreams of a superior future – and there is nothing wrong about it. Why shouldn’t someone care about his or her future? It’s a very humane thing to do, but the problem is we don’t work for it; we’re dependent on wealth our fathers create which reduces our self-esteem to almost nothing as we are okay with living on someone else’s hard earned money. Even though we don’t mind spending such wealth, the world doesn’t accept it. It burdens our country’s economical structure as well as ruins her reputation. More than 60% of Pakistan’s population is under 24 and a study reveals that over 70% of the elite population is dependent on inheritance and show minimum interest in education and social activities and as a result Pakistan suffers, the literacy rate drops and the economical structure weakens in its very foundation.

We should be grateful to God for everything we’re blessed with, no doubt about that, but we should start working on ourselves. The world is changing and we have to change with it. The times of vaderas and chieftains are long gone. If we refuse to travel with the charging society then we’d be crushed under its weight and all the money in the world won’t be able to save us. This is an era of international communication and interaction; we have to be able to stand up to the whole world and distinguish ourselves among the various nations as a true dominant power. But for that we have to work long and hard, we have to go through a lot of change and we have to accept the fact that even though our inherited money will help us live our lives in the most luxurious way possible but it won’t help our country.

We have to take a start. Yes, initially there will be hardships and hurdles to cross for an independent young adult, but in the end, all struggles bear fruit. And always remember that those who ride a bike earned out of their own sweat and time are better than those with a thousand inherited cars.


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Shahzaib Awan

About the author: Shahzaib Awan is the CEO of Bisouv Group and House of Entremuse. He is currently pursuing a bachelors degree in Computer Science from Jacobs University, Germany. He regularly writes for a number of newspapers including The Express Tribune, DAWN, The Nation, and Dusk.


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