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An ode to the women of Pakistan



Dear women of Pakistan



Dear Zainab
Dear Aabida
Dear Ayesha
Dear Asifa

You entered this world
So beautiful
So innocent
But we confined you to the cookhouse
A jail
An imprisonment

You struggled
You strived
You fought to be free
We still trapped you
We silenced you
We wouldn’t let you flee

Dear Benazir
Dear Khadija
Dear Qandeel
Dear Malala

You survived
You thrived
You rised and rejoiced
We still hushed you
We crushed you
We made you lose your voice

Truth and justice are merely subjective
But I’m sorry that your truth was nowhere near respected
This culture
This game
It all started with us
But you always get the blame
And enough is fucking enough!

I am sorry that the murderer and the rapist prevailed
No matter what we do now, we know we have failed
This Earth
This world
Was supposed to be your treasure
But instead we turned you into mere objects of pleasure

Dear women of Pakistan!

I’m sorry that it took me this long to realize your pain
But no matter what you do, your efforts will not be in vain
I’ll try and we’ll try to bring about change
But from here on out, you’re not alone in this game.

A regretful male

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