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Pakistan’s 10 richest people



Pakistan's Richest

Money talks the loudest. We’ve tried our best to compile a list of Pakistan’s wealthiest personalities, but it should be noted that it is extremely difficult, rather impossible, to verify the exact figures of the net worth of some of the individuals listed below as in Pakistan, large business conglomerates are typically owned and run jointly by family members who collectively hold the assets, thus the financial figures usually cannot be linked to the name of a single individual.

Number 10: Tariq Saigol

orgsize_750Tariq Sayeed Saigol

Net worth: $ 880 million
Address: Lahore
Businesses: Owner of Saigol Group, Kohinoor Textile Mills, Pak Electron Limited, Saigol Motors and Sajeel Motors.

Number 9: Rafiq Habib

rafiq habib

Net worth: $ 920 million
Address: Karachi
Businesses: Owner of House of Habib, Habib Bank, AZ Zurich and Makro Pakistan. Rafiq Habib is mainly involved in the business of banking but is invested in a number of textile, automobile and retail companies as well.

Number 8: Nasir Schon


Net worth: $ 1 billion
Address: Dubai
Businesses: He is currently the CEO of Schon Group which owns Pak-China Fertizilers, Schon Bank and Schon Textiles. He is known as the business leader of Pakistan. His latest project, ‘Dubai Lagoons’ is turning a lot of heads in the Arab business world. Nasir, along with his brother, also owns the famous PSL franchise Multan Sultans.

Number 7: Malik Riaz Hussain

Pakistani property developer Malik Riaz Hussain speaks with a Reuters correspondent during an interview at his office in Bahria Town on the outskirts of Islamabad, Pakistan

Net worth: $ 1.1 billion
Address: Karachi
Businesses: Owner of Asia’s largest real estate company, Bahria Town. Malik Riaz is one of the most popular faces in Pakistan because of his huge contributions to a number of charity drives. Malik Riaz was considered one of the top allies of Nawaz Sharif but things aren’t so well between the two business giants anymore.

Number 6: Saddaruddin Hashwani


Net worth: $ 1.1 billion
Address: Islamabad
Businesses: Chairman of Hashoo Group, Mr. Hashwani’s main business remains hotels and resorts. He owns Pearl Continental and Marriot Hotels. He’s well invested in the business of oil and gas as well.

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Number 5: Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Of Pakistan Meets Prime Minister David Cameron

Net worth: $ 1.4 billion
Address: Lahore
Businesses: He is currently the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the leader of country’s largest political party, Pakistan Muslim League (N). Apart from being a great politician, he is also a successful industrialist. He is the owner of Unit Group, Sharif Group and Ittefaq Group.

Number 4: Sir Anwar Pervez


Net worth: $ 1.67 billion
Address: London
Businesses: Owner of Bestway Group, the 2nd largest cement producer of Pakistan and owns as many as 76 Cash-and-Carry stores all over United Kingdom. Sir Anwar has, on a number of occcasions, closed many deals between the governements of Pakistan and United Kingdom. He is the deputy chariman of United Bank LMT.

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Number 3: Asif Ali Zardari


Net worth: $ 1.8 billion
Address: Larkana
Businesses: The former President of Paksitan, Asif Ali Zardari is currently the Co-Charman of People’ Party. Considered the most successful and powerful politcian of Pakistan, Mr. Zardari’s businesses vary from industrial goods to agricultural products. He’s well invested in United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States of America as well.

Number 2: Mian Muhammad Mansha


Net worth: $ 2.6 billion
Address: Lahore
Businesses: Chairman of MCB LTD, Adamjee Group and Nishat Group. He is one of the leading businessmen of Asia and is an influential personality in India, Bangladesh and numerous Arab Emirates. Mr. Masha actively takes part in National politics as well and is consisdered one of the most trusted companions of the current Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.

Number 1: Shahid Khan

Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans

Net worth: $ 6.8 billion
Address: London
Businesses: CEO of Flex-n-Gate, Shahid Khan tops the list of Paksitan’s 10 Rihest People. He owns two sports team as well, namely Fulham Football Club (Barclays Premier Leage) and Jacksonville Jaguars (National Football League) and is considered the 490th richest man in the whole world.



Karachi ranked among world’s least livable cities

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU,) the research and analysis division division of the Economist Group, has ranked Karachi among the least livable cities in the world.




KARACHI, Pakistan: The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU,) the research and analysis division of the Economist Group, has ranked Karachi among the least livable cities in the world.

140 cities were ranked in the annual EIU survey on a range of factors, including political and social stability, education, crime, and access to healthcare.

Provincial capital Karachi was only able to top three cities, namely Damascus in Syria, Dhaka in Bangladesh, and Lagos in Nigeria, this year around, taking the 137th slot.



According to the EIU report, civil war and terrorism played a “strong role” in determining the worst performing cities.

The cities held the lowest ranks, 11 occupied the very bottom tier of livability, where ratings fell below 50 per cent and most aspects of living were severely restricted.

This is not only because stability indicators had the highest single scores but also because factors defining stability could spread to have an adverse effect on other categories, the EIU observed.

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The [low] rankings of these cities like Damascus, Karachi and Tripoli saw conflict responsible for many of the lowest scores.

Moreover, the survey found Middle East, Africa and Asia scoring the lowest ranks; due to the factors determining stability had adverse effects on other categories too.

The EIU stated that the only cities that had seen a decline in their stability indicators over the past six months were Abu Dhabi (71st) and Dubai (69th) in the United Arab Emirates, Colombo (130th) in Sri Lanka and Warsaw (65th) in Poland.

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Buses showcasing Pakistan’s beauty hit roads of Berlin on Independence Day

The iconic yellow buses of Berlin are carrying Pakistan as a brand on the streets of the city and to commemorate the country’s 71st independence, these vehicles are running under the theme titled ‘Emerging Pakistan’.




BERLIN, Germany: As Pakistanis celebrate the country’s 71st independence day all over the world, the iconic busses of Berlin got a makeover as well – the busses were see carrying Pakistan as a brand on the streets of the German capital.

“We are endeavouring to showcase beautiful Pakistan, [which is] perhaps the best-kept secret in the world of tourism,” Pakistan’s ambassador to Germany, Jauhar Saleem, told Pakistani media outlet Geo News.

The initiative is part of celebrations planned by the Embassy of Pakistan in Berlin for the 71st Independence Anniversary of Pakistan this year.


Bus in Berlin. Photo: Irfan Aftab

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The buses have photos of Pakistan’s highest peaks, majestic landscapes, football that was made in Pakistan and played with in the FIFA World Cup 2018 and monuments representing the country’s magnificent architecture and diverse culture.

Berlin is full of tourists, especially during summer, who will get to see the buses daily.

The banners on the buses in Berlin aim to attract foreign tourists to Pakistan which remains unexplored by many.

For many Europeans, the northern areas of Pakistan offer a promising adventure, but the ancient civilisation of Moen-jo-Daro (mound of the dead) has also fascinated German archaeologists and researchers.

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Indus Motor to introduce Toyota Rush in Pakistan soon

Indus Motor Company (IMC) will import completely built units (CBU) of Toyota Rush from next month as it aims to capture the price segment between its Corolla and Fortuner vehicles amid increasing competition from green- and brown-field beneficiaries.



Toyota Rush

KARACHI, Pakistan: The Indus Motor Company (IMC) has announced that it will start importing completely built units of Toyota Rush from next month.

Toyota dealers in Karachi confirmed that the company will launch the model next month. They expect the price to be between Rs3.8 million and Rs4.8 million.

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Mohammad Aziz, a dealer of used imported cars, told Pakistani media outlet Express Tribune that Toyota previously tested the market with the Hybrid Prius but the experiment failed.

“The new imported Prius was priced at Rs4.5 million while a couple of years old imported Prius was selling at half the price in the markey. One could literally have bought two cars in the price of new Prius,” he said.

Another dealer, Syed Anjum, said it would be plain stupidity of a person to buy a new Rush when they can buy 2013 Rush model for half the price.

However, he added that the market reaction would only be known once the car is officially launched next month.

Research analyst Farheen Irfan believes that the company has taken the initiative in order to maintain its market share when several new OEMs like Kia, Hyundai and Changan have prepared to tap Pakistan’s auto industry.

“Moreover, there’s a big gap between Toyota’s main brands. The company could have also thought to increase its presence at a segment in between them to cater to a larger market amid increasing competition,” she said.

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However, she believes that under the present macroeconomic variables, no existing auto manufacturing company would think of starting another assembly plant in the country.

“This cannot be considered as a precursor that Toyota might establish an assembly plant for Rush in the future even if this experiment of selling CBUs is successful.”

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