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Malaysia, Truly Asia



Malaysia: Truly Asia


From its richness in food culture to its utterly amazing weather, Malaysia is truly wonderful. Lush green alleys, skyline buildings, the gigantic Petronas Twin Towers, the twinkling KL tower, the aroma of cocoa, unexpected drizzles and endless  specialties make the country one of the most culturally rich countries. It’s beauty and diversity has attracted me countless times.



Malaysia is wonderful enough for me to pay a second visit. I first travelled to Malaysia in 2012 but Malaysian people, food, culture and needless to mention, Malaysian weather compelled me to pay a visit again to the land of fine culture and mouth watering cuisine! So last December, I set off to discover what Malaysia has hidden for me. If you peel back the layers, there is a lot to explore than the Twin Towers or the skyline of Kuala Lumpur.

What if every morning you wake up to the mouth watering aroma of Nasi Lemak  ; This Malaysian rice delicacy consists of coconut milk, sambal, nuts, egg and chicken!




What if you are welcomed by unexpected drizzled while you are walking down streets?



What if you explore the richness of a fine culture every single day you spend here?



This and lots of many wonderful encounters await as you snuggle into your duvets and get lost in Malaysian adventures which I present before you!

Know everything about Malaysia, while you stay in your own bed! Don’t forget to visit this blog daily and learn about one of the most finest cultures in Asia! Because no doubt;

Malaysia is truly Asia!