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Uruguay wins ‘an almost draw’ leaving Egypt heartbroken




Mo Salah didn’t play.

A frustrating first half for out-of-touch Uruguay

Uruguay, wearing angelic white, kicked off and immediately lost possession to the in-form Egypt. The big screen in the stadium kept showing Salah benched and every time it did, the crowd went wild. Eid would only mean Eid for the Egyptians if they are able to overcome Uruguay today.


Off we go. Photograph: Dan Mullan/Getty Images

The first half saw the Egyptian team controlling the ball more than their opponents. They were compact and energetic without the ball and tidy with it. On the other hand, Uruguay desperately kept looking for inspiration, so much so, searching to find that perfect touch of the ball that may result in their first world cup goal.

Uruguay’s Suarez looked out of touch for most of the first half. In the one free-kick, in which he couldn’t get the ball past the Egyptian wall, Suarez openly showed his frustration and the Egyptians noticed.

Cavani couldn’t break through Egyptians line of defenses either and in an attempt to do so, only faced the fierce determination of the men in red and black to not allow anything past them.

Egypt’s Mohsen does well in the first half. His resultant shot straight into the keeper’s hands said otherwise, though.


Abdalla Said of Egypt controls the ball under pressure of Rodrigo Bentancur and Martin Caceres of Uruguay. Photograph: Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

All in all, The South-Americans looked worn-out while Mo Salah’s boys looked solid. They were dynamic and and well organized through out the first half.

A terrible first half for Uruguay.

The second half added to Uruguay’s frustration; Egypt lose control in the last few minutes

The second half started off with a bad news for Egypt: Hamed had to come off as a result of an injury. He was replaced by the Wolverhampton-born midfielder who plays for Wigan and is now a world cup star. This world cup has surely brought all the happiness to the Egyptians.

In a desperation attempt to score, Uruguay brought on their old guns to face the freshly-greased and well organized men in red and black: Nandez gave way to Sanchez and De Arrascaeta gave way to Rodriguez. On the other hand, Egypt brought on Kahraba for Mohsen.


Hope those in the temporary stands have brought their binoculars with them. Photograph: Dan Mullan/Getty Images

One of the most threatening attack came from Suarez in the 64th minute: he got the ball to the left of the box, pushed to cross the ball, but was blocked, the ball rebounds to him and he loses it to the Egyptian tigers. Another attack followed soon: Suarez spun his man in the box and was through on goal, but El Shenaway of Egypt rushed off his line to close him down smartly. Suarez looked stunned and disappointed, but then again, he should be.

The last ‘real’ attack came from Cavani when he shot the headed pass by Suarez straight in the direction of the net, but was brilliantly denied by El Shenawy. Cavani, along with his men, looked shocked, but the young goalkeeper knew it – he was in terrific form.

GOAL (Gimenez 89): Sanchez delivers a freekick from the right and Gimenez rises like Mark Wright to nod the ball into the net from seven yards! Uruguay takes lead leaving the Egyptians heartbroken.


Jose Gimenez of Uruguay scores his team’s first goal. Photograph: Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

FINAL SCORE: Egypt 0-1 Uruguay


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