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Muslim man beaten to death by Hindu mob in India over alleged attempt to slaughter cow



Utter Pradesh

A man was beaten to death and another severely injured in Utter Pradesh, India, by a mob who accused them of trying to slaughter a cow. It should be noted that although the victims’ families described the crime to be ‘cow-related,’ the police described it as a scuffle.

The dying man kept asking for water, but he wasn’t provided a single drop of it

In Utter Pradesh’s Hapur district, residents from Pilkhua Kotwali area’s Bajheda Khurd village took the law in their own hands and trashed two men on suspicion of cow slaughter.

The victim, Qasim (45,) was pronounced dead when he was brought to the hospital. His acquaintance is still being treated for the many injuries he suffered by the hands of the angry Hindu mob. As reported by the Indian media, the two men were beaten by the irate Hindu mob when the rumors of them stealing three cows for slaughter surfaced.

Indian media outlet Deccan Chronicle reported that the two arrested attackers insisted that the assault was related to smuggling of cows. They also said the other victim was also a Muslim named Samayuddin (65.)

“Had we not reached [here] within two minutes, the cow would have been slaughtered,” a man says in the viral video, as translated by Indian NDTV; while another accuser states: “He is a butcher… someone ask him why he was trying to slaughter a calf.”

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Qasim kept asking for water before dying, but wasn’t provided a single drop of it.

Policemen can be seen helping the attackers in the viral video footage

A video that has gone viral on social media paints a chilling picture. The victim (Qasim) can be seen gasping for breath and asking for water.

In the video, a voice can be heard saying (in Hindi,) ““Enough is enough. He has been beaten for quite some time now. Let’s get him some water, it is very hot. I know things happen when people get emotional, but there are repercussions of this act. Please, everyone stop.”

Just after this statement is made, another angry and agitated voice can be heard shrieking “If we were a few minutes late, we would have come to see dead cows here. It doesn’t matter if it is hot or not.”

Many voices can be heard abusing the almost dead man in Hindi.

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Utter Pradesh

The lynching of the two men took place in the presence of policemen.

Here’s the viral video footage of the incident

NOTE: The following video contains sensitive content.



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