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Buses showcasing Pakistan’s beauty hit roads of Berlin on Independence Day

The iconic yellow buses of Berlin are carrying Pakistan as a brand on the streets of the city and to commemorate the country’s 71st independence, these vehicles are running under the theme titled ‘Emerging Pakistan’.




BERLIN, Germany: As Pakistanis celebrate the country’s 71st independence day all over the world, the iconic busses of Berlin got a makeover as well – the busses were see carrying Pakistan as a brand on the streets of the German capital.

“We are endeavouring to showcase beautiful Pakistan, [which is] perhaps the best-kept secret in the world of tourism,” Pakistan’s ambassador to Germany, Jauhar Saleem, told Pakistani media outlet Geo News.

The initiative is part of celebrations planned by the Embassy of Pakistan in Berlin for the 71st Independence Anniversary of Pakistan this year.


Bus in Berlin. Photo: Irfan Aftab

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The buses have photos of Pakistan’s highest peaks, majestic landscapes, football that was made in Pakistan and played with in the FIFA World Cup 2018 and monuments representing the country’s magnificent architecture and diverse culture.

Berlin is full of tourists, especially during summer, who will get to see the buses daily.

The banners on the buses in Berlin aim to attract foreign tourists to Pakistan which remains unexplored by many.

For many Europeans, the northern areas of Pakistan offer a promising adventure, but the ancient civilisation of Moen-jo-Daro (mound of the dead) has also fascinated German archaeologists and researchers.


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