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Asif Khawaja resigns from EAC in protest over Atif Mian withdrawal

Asim Ijaz Khwaja, another member of the Economic Advisory Council (EAC) decided to resign on Friday following the government’s decision of withdrawing Atif Mian’s appointment.



Atif Mian

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The new Pakistani government has found itself involved in another crisis after two members of the Economic Advisory Council (EAC) tender resignation within weeks of its establishment.

The second resignation came from Asim Ijaz Khawaja who decided to resign from the council in protest of the famed economist Atif Mian’s withdrawal.

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Khwaja, Professor of International Finance and Development at Harvard, as a response of disapproval of the government’s decision of withdrawing Atif Mian’s name from the council has also decided to submit his resignation as revealed by him on his official Twitter handle.

“Have resigned from EAC. Painful, deeply sad decision. Grateful for chance to aid analytical reasoning but not when such values compromised. Personally as a Muslim I can’t justify this. May Allah forgive/guide me&us all.Ever ready to help.Pakistan Paindabad,” stated his tweet.

Earlier today, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Senator Faisal Javed Khan announced the government’s decision to ask for Mian’s resignation from the EAC after a hefty number of people had opposed his appointment taking into account his religious beliefs.

Following the decision, a public outcry has instigated on social media opposing the government’s action of removing the Princeton professor’s name from the council.


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