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Human rights abuser US warns Pakistan it’s still “on notice”




Human rights abuser United States of America has warned Pakistan that it’s still on notice to eliminate all terrorist sanctuaries from its territory.

The reminder that never fails to mention the need for Pakistan to “do more”

This time around, the US Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Alice G. Wells, mentioned the need for Pakistan to do more against terrorists and not to support certain terrorist organizations at a congregational hearing on Wednesday.

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“Pakistan is on notice that we expect its unequivocal cooperation ending sanctuaries that the Taliban have enjoyed since the remnants of their toppled regime fled into Pakistan in 2001,” said Ms Wells while reviewing one year of the Trump administration’s South Asia Strategy.

The humiliation Pakistan can never forget nor forgive

In January, 2018, President Donald Trump had put Pakistan on notice, accusing it of “taking billions and billions of dollars” from the US while “housing the same terrorists” that it was supposed to fight. And a few days after the speech, Washington suspended more than two billion dollars of security aid to Pakistan.

Pakistan has rejected these allegations as unfounded and has urged Washington not to blame Islamabad for its failures in Afghanistan.

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