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Pakistan politics

PML-Q wants CM or deputy PM spot in return for supporting PTI



According to Pakistani media outlet Dawn News, PML-Q has sent its demand to the senior leadership of PTI and its chairman Chaudhary Pervez Elahi will discuss it with prime minister-designate in his Bani Gala residence today.
Following the polls, the Chaudhrys of PML-Q have suddenly assumed a significant role for formation of the Punjab government for both the PML-N and the PTI. Chaudahry Pervaiz Elahi’s name is doing the rounds as a potential candidate for the chief minister’s slot in case his party manages to take on board a dozen or so independents, and eventually supports either the PTI or PML-N.

PTI Spokesman Naeemul Haq, while addressing a press conference today, dismissed speculation that the Punjab CM belonging to a political party other than the PTI would be appointed.

“The Punjab chief minister will belong to the PTI. There should be no mistake about it,”

It should be note that both the PTI and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) are in a race to form Punjab provincial government. And while neither has been able to secure an absolute majority in the province, both parties have vowed to form government.

According to official reports, PTI has won 123 PP seats and PML-N has won 129 PP seats.

At least 149 directly elected MPAs are required to form a government. With the addition of 66 women on reserved seats and eight minorities, at least 185 members are required to form a government.

After the PML-N and PTI, the PML-Q has managed to secure eight seats, and the PPP six. Independent candidates have won 28 seats.


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