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Aitchison College principal’s visa extended for three months only



Aitchison College

LAHORE, Pakistan: During the recent college admissions process, Aitchison College principal Michael Thomson had rejected a boy from an ‘influential family’ on the basis of merit. Angered, the boy’s father had Mr. Thompson’s security clearance and visa revoked.

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The Pakistan government has been kind enough to allow Michael Thomson, an Australian citizen, a three-month extension, although his job contract does not expire for another year.


Michael Thomson

When approached by our associates, a member of the college board of governors confirmed the news that his visa had been extended for three months only, and denied knowing about the involvement of any influential family. The board member requested not to be named.

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This is not the first time that such an incident has occurred. Earlier in 2015, Dr. Agha Ghazanfar was also denied entry into the college. He also claimed that he had been punished for upholding merit. Like Mr. Thomson, he was also under immense pressure from influential families regarding admissions.


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