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Teefa in trouble breaks all records



teefa in trouble

LAHORE, Pakistan: Ali Zafar’s Teefa in Trouble has done outstandingly well as it takes away Rs23.1 million on day one breaking the record of the biggest opening for a Pakistani film.

The record was previously held by Jawani Phir Nahi Ani.

What made Teefa in Trouble‘s record-breaking performance more impressive was that the movie did not open on Eid or a special holiday.

Teefa in Trouble, a joint venture of Lightingale productions, Mandviwala Entertainment and Geo Films, has been directed by Ahsan Rahim and it also features Javed Sheikh, Aslam Mehmood, Nayyar Aijaz and Simi Raheal among others.

The film has impressed spectators and critics, both calling the venture a new dawn for Pakistani cinema.

The film which marks the debut for both Ali Zafar and Maya Ali in the Pakistani film industry — had its star-studded and glitzy premiere on Thursday and opened for audiences on Friday.

On his film’s success, Ali Zafar tweeted, “Today marks history as it shatters all previous records by any Pakistani Film on its opening days with a grand total of 2.25 crores in Pakistan alone and that too a non-Eid holiday and against all odds and hurdles put in our way. Be-Shak, Vo ber Haq hai!”


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