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Brave! Bold! Bilour!




Written by: Rayaan Faisal

It’s that time again!

The time where slogans bring about screams, where chants bring conflict, and the smallest act of courage breeds catastrophe. It’s a time when the green and white flag sheds more red than ever before.

In less than a week, many people will line up in crowds to cast a name on a ballot, but some will come out knowing the person they intended to vote for has been declared dead.

The escalating violence is a ramification of determined and daring personalities challenging the disordered establishment. This is slowly becoming a country where you’re wrong for being right. And in recent times, no two other people embody the titles of brave and courageous better than Haroon Bilour Shaheed and Siraj Raisani Shaheed.

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These two souls persevered in their respective provinces, working tirelessly for the people but they suffered the same fate of any lion-hearted personage when both of them were martyred in a suicide blast just two days apart.

Both these electoral candidates were not politicians, because that word is corrupted in entirety. Both of them were leaders who led from the heart. Haroon Bilour Shaheed exemplified leadership by following in the steps of his late father, Bashir Bilour Shaheed, who was also martyred for his long-standing fight against terrorism. Siraj Raisani Shaheed amassed a following in a province that every politician shuddered away from. They were killed for being right!

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This phenomenon of ‘wiping out the truth’ is not new to Pakistan, as evident by the sacrifices of Benazir Bhutto Shaheed and Bashir Bilour Shaheed for being the strongest fronts in the war against terrorism and blatant corruption. Time and time again, we lose our strongest shields and democracy seizes to exist when an electoral seat is missing its most powerful candidate.

The 2018 elections have already been a whirlwind and they haven’t even begun yet. Be very careful who you vote for as we now live in a country where people like Imran Khan use derogatory terminology to sweep the masses, where the corrupt are free to bring nationwide cataclysm but the brave and bold get a bullet or a bomb.

Where there’s a lion and a tiger, there’s always a hunter.
Where there’s a Bilour and a Raisani, there’s always a belligerent.


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Rayaan Faisal

About the author: Rayaan Faisal is a 17-year-old writer and filmmaker who has worked with various groups and non-profit organizations over the past few years, making short films and writing poems on both the beauty and struggle of Pakistan.



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